Launching of PBA and its theory of change

Events & News

ADIP, Association for the Integral Development of the Person, had organised a presentation of the PORT BELL Academy Project on June 14, 2018 at 18h at the hotel Akwa Palace in Douala.

Many people attend the event and we have the pleasure to receive one of our main partner and support  in this project: the founder of Appstech, Rebecca Enonchong.

ADIP’s ladies think development is:

  • having key skills at a critical moment of history of the world, such as spirit of discovery in 17th century, spirit of innovation in 20th century and today (21st century) being IT oriented as the world is exploring artificial intelligence;
  • being enough prepared on know-how and soft skills useful to build a fair society.

Thus, training Cameroonian girls and women with a high quality IT and ethics programmes will lead to efficiency and creativity.