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Helping and training girls & women in Douala

Become a link in a beautiful development chain

Port Bell Academy has been created in Douala in 2010 by families. Since then, parents first educators of their children, participate in the educational project of the centre, being implied in the board of trustees or organising activities.

All along the year, Port Bell Academy trains girls and women on IT, leadership skills and ethics.

For girls, Port Bell Academy offers extra school activities and summer camps based on 4 key targets:

Studying (a library is available and study methodology to learn and develop desire of well done work)

Entertaining (variety of entertainment activities taking into consideration each age: theatre, making movies, handcraft, sport, culture, etc.)

Personal Growth (mentorship – personalised coaching of girls to make them know themselves deeper and reach the best version of themselves)

Spirituality (free Catholic praying and formation activities. This is done by Opus Dei, Catholic institution founded in 1928 by Saint Josemaria).





Our Vision

A class of women leaders, social development chains.

Our Mission

Popularizing the Computer Science in all layers of the Society and offer a Complete Training of the Person for the Service of the Society.

Our Aims

Make Port Bell Academy, a Leadership Development Space for Service and Transformation of the Company, and a Training Platform in New Technologies to create employment. In summary:

• Ethical Training
• And job creation