Port Bell Academy

IT, Culture & Ethics for girls & women in Douala


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Who we are

We are a group of women feeling responsible for the future of their country and continent, women who seek your help in this great project of “social awakening”.

What we do

We train, build, mentor and equip girls and women with tools to become an engine of human and economic development, in her immediate environment to reach the regional, national and international level.

Some Activities

Computer science

Windows OS, Office, Programming…

Business & Entrepreneurship Program

Leadership for students

Continuing training for workers

On the Job Training

Coaching and Mentoring

Guidance and advice


PBA teenagers volunteering in modest areas

Ethics & Personal Development

For Young Professional Workers and Students

What to study or learn in Douala?


With our activities, we aim to create a space where young people can evolve, grow in a fulfilling and rewarding way, forming friendships and acquire a work culture (work well done, with attention) that contributes to the good of society.

Short Term Computer Program

From the opening of the Center, the computer program of this section is delivered according to the following 2 groups:

JUNIOR (5- 13 years old)

  • Primary
  • Middle School

SENIOR (+ de 14 years old)

  • Beginner
    • High school student
    • Students & Young Professionals
    • Adults
  • User
    • High school student
    • Students & Young Professionals
    • Adults

The learner will have to master the computer tool, the tablets, the microphones, the Internet tool, the Office pack, the Programming (adapted to the different ages)

Long Term Computer Program - Computer Engineering Program

To the extent possible, we envision this distributed training section as follows:

  • LOW LEVEL (Bac +2)
  • MEDIUM LEVEL (Bac +3)
  • HIGH LEVEL (Bac + 4 ou 5)

With courses like Programming, Web Development, Etc.

Leadership - Ethic - Soft and professional skills - Sport activities

The following courses will be delivered:

  • Business and entrepreneurship
  • Training and Guidance
  • On the Job training
  • Foreign languages
  • Swimming,
  • Etc.