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Here we are! A DataCamp Donates Partner!!!

ADIP/AIDP is proud to announce this special partnership. Datacamp is an online learning platform that helps learners build data skills including Python, R programming, Business analysis, to non-coding essentials like spreadsheets, BI tools and more advanced paths like data engineering, data science and machine learning.

Through this partnership, Port Bell Academy is offering a one year online self-paced study opportunity for girls and young women to acquire skills in data and AI. For those participants who have some experience in the field of data, they can utilize this program to do projects, enter in competitions, and build their portfolios.

DataCamp Donates was launched in 2020 by DataCamp faithful to its core values.

  • Education is a basic human right: Truthful to its mission of democratizing data and AI education for everyone, DataCamp believes a person’s income should not prevent them from learning these foundational languages and tools that are already inextricable from 21st-century society.
  • Improving the most accessible data & AI learning platform on Earth: no barriers to entry for those who want to learn to code, no need to buy and download external software, no gated curriculum, and no credit card required, all cloud-based, accessible at home or on the go, and available online or off.
  • Getting real people real jobs: With global unemployment and income disparities on the rise again in 2024, DataCamp provides the training, tools, and confidence learners need to land their dream jobs.
  • Championing nonprofit organizations: DataCamp understands the obstacles facing nonprofits and work with each one to customize the program to their population.
  • Supporting students straightaway: empowering student clubs.
  • Equalizing the AI playing field: DataCamp Donates gives learners in the poorest parts of the world the knowledge and skills to not only improve their situation, but to help create equitable data-driven solutions for everyone.

Program requirements
Minimum age of 16 years
Laptop/access to a computer and internet
Ability to communicate in English
Availability to commit to the learning program

Program structure
Online self-paced study, mandatory weekly assignments, discussion forums and group activities

Program date: July 2023-July 2024

Seats are limited; your dedication to learning will ensure that you remain in the program. Port Bell Academy reserves the right to rescind your scholarship if you do not use it for one month.

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